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Related article: provide waste packages in their hands anywhere. Do not know why they did. [ 43] When the pirates had visited every back door and her arms were filled packets, which went back up the hill to Munroe Street and entered a vacant lot, , and the dogs invaded excited about it. Then I opened the Cheap Casodex package and run dogs. By itself, he took bread or a piece of meat from each package, but not get the best for you. The dogs sat on him, licking his lips nervously and flying changes, waiting for food. that never fought, and that was an amazing thing. Pirate dogs never fought each other, but fought all the rest, went the streets of Monterrey on all fours. It was a small thing to see the package five, fox hunting - terriers and Pomeranians like rabbits. light of day had at the time of the meal is over. The pirate sat on the floor and saw the blue Purchase Casodex sky morning. Under him, thatsaw the schooner sail with a lot width of the wood. He heard Buy Casodex Online the bell buoy sweet Point in China. The dog sat on it and gnawed to the bone. The Pirate the day seemed to listen carefully to see in place, because their eyes do not movement, there was a warning. His big hands off a dogs, and worked his fingers gently on thick hair. after Pirates of half an hour at the corner of the lot, was cast the n bag of your truck, and buried the hatchet of the Order Casodex earth, where n buried every night. After the hill, which pushed the cart, and in the jungle until he found a dead tree, full of bad luck. At noon he had received a load of good on, and then, still followed by his dogs, which through the streets until it is sold is the charge of 25 cents. You can see everything but what he did with the fourth one could not say. It never happened. At night, guarded by the danger of their dogs, went into the woods and hid in the day with hundreds of other room. Somewhere there was a great treasure of money. Pilon acute man, not run away from the details of the lives of their fellows, , and was doubly pleased these secrets, which is deep in the minds of his friends discovered the pirate stronghold with a logic process. Pilon explained as follows :. "Every day, a pirate has quarter when two dimes and a nickel, it leads to [44 ], a shop and get is a piece of 25 cents, does not give any money at all.. therefore, you have to hide him. "tried Pilon to calculate the amount of treasure. For years, the pirate had been live that way. Six days a week, cut the wood tone and Sunday went to church. The clothes she received from the rear doors of the houses, their food in the the rear doors of the restaurant. Pilon confused with the large number for a time , and then gave up. "The Pirate must haveat least one hundred dollars, " - thought. For a long time Pilon had seen these things. But it was only after promises n absurd and enthusiastic, fodder Danny won the idea of ​​the strength pirate of personal importance to Pilon. n Before establishing addressed the issue at all, Pilon their opinion through a long and preparing Casodex Online impressive. he felt so bad for the pirates. "Poor a half to form a , " he said to himself. " God gave him the whole brain n should have. The pirates poor can not take care of yourself. For behold, s life on earth in an old chicken coop. Waste is fed only suitable for dogs. His clothes are thin and worn. And because your brain is not good, hide their money. be " Now, with its foundation laid of compassion, Pilon moved to its solution. " If is not a question of merit, " he thought," do these things so you can not to be yourself?Man? However, "he recalled: " I have no money to do these things, if rotation is in my heart. How can you make of charity achieved? ".. Now I was getting somewhere as the cat for an hour -long closed in a sparrow Pilon was ready to jump, " I have it "His brain screamed " that is the the next. : The pirate has money but no brains Purchase Casodex Online to use. I the brain! I will Buy Casodex offer my brain to use. I am free to give me.